What if we reached beyond Sister Lakes? Could we impact others for Christ?
The desire to serve those around the world began in a Sister Lakes bowling alley in 1952. A small group of people who called themselves Sister Lakes Community Church asked a question, “what if we reached beyond sister lakes? could we impact others for christ?” That idea grew as SLCC grew, and today we have a passion and commitment to serving the world.

When you give to Sister Lakes Community Church, you’re helping us project the great news of Jesus Christ beyond our walls. These are the ministries that are doing the work for us locally and around the world.

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Michigan, Southwest Chapter

  • 8941 Second Street, Berrien Center, MI
  • cefmi.com

Crossroads Farm

Five Pines Ministry

Forgotten Man Ministries

Leadership Resources

Life in Messiah International

Grace Christian School

RiverWind, Inc.

RBM Ministries, Inc.

Reach Beyond